Racing Academy

School the competition with AMP Professional Racing School and Driver Developement Programs

Adams Motorsports Park boasts one of the longest straights in the country measuring in at an impressive 700 feet. With 14 different turns, we challenge even the most veteran drivers. Our world famous track has just the combination of slow and fast corners, allowing something for drivers of every skill level. AMP has been a key factor in the development of professional drivers such as George Mack, Buddy Rice, Richie Hearn, Alex Barron, Jeff Ward, Kevin Harvick, and Troy Adams — more than any other track in the country. Let our experienced staff help to add your name to that list!

AMP has proudly hosted club, state, and national championship events since 1963. We are the home track of two of the state’s largest kart racing clubs. Our special amenities include a large pit area, running water, and a full-service concession stand.


They Said It!

“Troy and the AMP staff did a fantastic job with RJ. The skills he learned karting are invaluable. RJ is a much better racer thanks to the Adams Driver Development Program.” –Randy Anderson, Walker Evans Racing

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Racing School

  • The Experience = $75.00 Savings
    The K-1, K-2, and K-3 classes are two hours in length. The classes are designed especially for children ages 5-7 years old. Purchase the Kid Kart Bundle featuring our K1, K2, and K3 classes for only $552.00 a cost savings of $75.00.
  • K-1 FUN-damental Kart Control (Ages 5-7) $199
    Students are taught the difference between the gas and the brake pedal with emphasis on braking. When the first stage is mastered, students are then taught how to maneuver their kart under complete control. Kart control is the key to learning how to find the racing line.
  • K-2 Working the Lines (Ages 5-7) $209
    Our Racing Instructors pick up the pace and teach students the basic racing lines to sharpen their skills. The emphasis for this level is kart control and getting the most out of the racing line.
  • K-3 Passing to Win (Ages 5-7) $219
    This is where it all comes together, karting control, racing line and threshold braking techniques. With the skills taught in the previous classes, our students advance to learn the art of passing and making it stick. The students are now prepared to receive their license and race.
  • Kart Series Classes – Four hours designed for beginner and advance drivers, an hour of seat time
  • Basic Kart Control (Ages 8-12) $295
    Students are taught kart control during critical maneuvers. The emphasis of this course is placed on the use of the throttle, brake, and how they effect on the chassis dynamics.
  • Advanced Lapping Day/L206 (Ages 8-12) $350
    An Intense half-day of practice where all the techniques taught to our students are put to the test!
  • 125cc TAG Class A (Ages 13-95) $395
    Take a four hour professional TAG karting class and learn from our experienced instructors karting control, racing line, braking points and corner apexing. Minimum 3 on-track driving sessions.
  • 125cc TAG Class B (Ages 13-95) $435
    Braking and driving line refinement, inside/outside line exercises, passing, qualifying, rolling race starts and possible interclass competition. Minimum 3 on-track driving sessions
  • Private Lessons – Private lessons with one of our expert instructors is available, please contact us for hours and rates, or to schedule an appointment.

Driver Development

  • Get comfortable with high speeds “It’s ok to be scared to go fast.”
  • Work on hand, eye, foot coordination
  • Learn racing lines and understand early, middle and late apexing
  • Learn maximum braking techniques
  • Understand the limits of a race car in all conditions
  • Drafting
  • Passing to Win
  • How to maximize passing lap traffic
  • Understand the importance of Qualifying
  • Spotter Coaching