Feb 05

Starting Feb 12 we are hosting brand shootouts and other special Time Attack events, check the flyer below for details:

AMP 1st Quarter 2013 back 4x9

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  1. 1. Rich Chesavage Says:


    I was wondering if you are still running the tuesday night time attacks. I’m also wondering what a typical lap time is and ballpark top speed. I realize that’s a scary question but here’s what I’m up to. I have a 24 Hours of Lemons Jaguar XJ12 with full SCCA/NASA spec 6 point cage, race seat, 5pt harness, etc. Engine is completely stock. It’s passed their safety inspection all 5 races it has done. I have a race later this month at Buttonwillow but I just put a new set of Carbotech brake pads and they need to be bedded in before we start the race. I need a couple passes where I can get up to 60 or so and stop it quick. I figure a time attack might get me enough speed to get what I need done. I’m not interesting is setting lap records. This is a 3800lb car. It ain’t gonna set the world on fire.
    Thanks for your time and consideration
    Rich 714-412-2763

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