Adams Motorsports Park & COVID-19 Pandemic

By March 18, 2020 April 8th, 2020 No Comments

Adams Motorsports Park is CURRENTLY CLOSED. We have been closely monitoring the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  At this time, we will remain closed until Thursday, April 30th. We plan to re-open on Friday, May 1st. If it is determined it is no longer safe for us to do so then we will continue to be closed until further notice. Please stay safe so that we can see you again once this has all passed.

Remember that the goal of the actions we all are taking is to reduce the rate of spread to manageable levels, to slow down the impact on the healthcare infrastructure, and allow more time for treatments to be developed. Those at high risk, elderly and those with compromised immune systems, should take extra caution.  The danger from this virus is its contagiousness and the lack of symptoms from many who do become infected.

Again, Adams Motorsports Park is currently closed, but if allowed,  we will re-open in the near future and we will follow whatever protocols that the government directs. Please take care of yourself and your family and we will see you soon.

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