Sep 07

Socal Supermoto is holding track days at our track on the following days:

9/7/11 NIGHT SCHOOL! Admas, Riverside, 3pm-9:30pm
9/10/11 SaturdayAdams w/ dirt, Riverside, CA
9/28/11 Wed, Adams w/ dirt, Riverside, CA
10/8/11 SaturdayAdams w/ dirt, Riverside, CA
11/12/11 SaturdayAdams w/ dirt, Riverside, CA
11/23/11 Wednesday, Adams, Riverside, CA
12/10/11 Saturday, Adams, Riverside, CA

More info:, or call 619.224.6686


Our supermoto trackdays are designed to introduce the average street/dirt rider to the insanely fun world of supermoto trackdays. You will become a better rider, and you will have an absolute blast.

Our Supermoto School includes for $199:
– Training: basic supermoto riding techniques, track prep, track etiquette.
– Supermoto bike set up for the track (on busier days we share/rotate through the bikes, don’t worry, more tracktime than you can handle!)
– All trackfees
– Trackside photography of your sessions.

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Aug 25

From our friends at Socal Supermoto-

motoGP legend Max Biaggi joined us (or did we join him?) for one of our trackday last Saturday at Adams. I’ll freely admit I was like a star struck school girl (minus the screaming), and had a great time watching him ride/taking a million photos.

See more photos and video here:

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Apr 14

Sam Hubinette has started his own racing team, Samuel Hubinette Racing, given his title-winning Dodge Viper to team driver Andrew Comrie-Picard and picked up a shiny Dodge Challenger for himself. The team went out to Adam’s Motorsports Park in Riverside, California to shake everything down, and the result is a couple of orange blurs and a lot of smoke.

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Jun 17

Some photos from the Western Washington University FSAE testing:

Learn more about them at their website.

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