5ECF1261-cropThe hottest spot for the fastest growing motorsport is Adams Motorsports Park. Come join the party as hundreds of spectators turn out to watch grassroots drivers drift alongside professional Formula Drift drivers.

And if watching isn’t enough, you can go for a ride with any of the drivers, and enjoy the live DJ, contests, and food. You’ve never seen drifting the way it is done at Adams Motorsports Park.


Whether you just want to learn how to drift, or you are a seasoned pro looking for a place to practice, Adams Motorsports Park is the place to get your drift on. The track is available for open practice sessions, private testing, and private instruction to help drivers learn to drift and improve their skills in a safe, challenging setting. Get in on the fun – drifting is like nothing you have ever seen.

Drift at Adams Motorsports Park

Bring your ride and get your slide on. No ride? Get a pit pass and ride along. Or hang out and watch the action while our DJ bumps the tunes. Watch beginners, talented home town heroes and even pros slide around our track – sometimes in tandems of 2 and 3 cars at a time!

At Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, you can legally drift on our 3/4 of a mile, 14 turn paved race circuit. See the track map below. Drift events use the standard course; advanced drivers can use the optional course also.

Track map for Adams Motorsports Park

Time Attack and drifting practice sessions are also available, check the Racing Schedule for details.

Drift Night Pricing

PICT8046-djDriver: $25.00 per session (pre registration is available, call us)

Pit Pass / Ride Along: $10.00

Spectator Entry Fee: $5.00 (kids 12 and under are FREE)

check the schedule before coming out!

Basic TECH Guidelines

PICT8074-borkeThis is just a basic list to get you started, it is by no means complete.  Contact Us for more info.

  • Battery properly secured and positive terminal covered
  • Engine compartment free of loose items (air filter, hoses, wires, ect)
  • No fluid leaks or exposed wires
  • Brake lights function properly (at least two red functioning brake lights)
  • Seat properly mounted and secure
  • Seatbelts properly mounted and secure
  • Brake pads and rotors in good condition (min 40% thickness)
  • Tires are road-worthy and safe (min 3/32 tread depth, no sidewall damage)
  • Wheels and wheel bearings are tight and road worthy
  • Windshield is free of cracks which might obstruct the driver’s vision
  • Helmet is SNELL certified M95 or SA95 or newer and free of damage
  • No loose items inside passenger compartment of car or truck
  • Roll bar in open cars is required.  Convertible cars without roll bar must have top up and properly secured

General Event Rules

Must be 18 years of age or older to participate as a driver. Any driver at 16 or 17 years of age must be accompanied by their parent/guardian and must sign the Minor Release Waiver.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the session that you would like to sign up for.  This guarantees that you will have enough time to complete Registration, Tech Inspection and are ready for the Drivers Meeting which begins 10 minutes before each session starts.

Drivers meeting attendance is mandatory!

Technical inspection is mandatory. If you’re late, you’ll wait.

Pit and paddock speed limit is 5 MPH

You MUST be wearing a helmet before you enter the course or grid (this includes passenger)

Be safe. If you’re behaving unsafely you will be removed without refund

Be courteous and follow proper track etiquette

Pick up after yourself. Trash cans are provided, use them.

No refueling in the pit or paddock

Only drivers, staff, and authorized media are allowed on the course

Keep all body parts inside the vehicle while it is on course

Drivers and pit guest may be asked to show their wristband at any time

Tampering with or altering the wristband will result in removal without refund